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If you’re as passionate about supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs as we are, you’ve come to the right place. In 2019 Orbit began giving free licenses and training to entrepreneurs looking to start their own Orbit chapter using our proven methodology. 

Orbit is the world’s largest business incubator for school students aged between 16 and 19 years of age. What began as a small non-profit social enterprise in Glasgow, Scotland, has since grown into a worldwide network of business incubators.

Becoming a chapter manager is an excellent way to earn money in your spare time. It’ll take between two and six hours of your time per month to manage your Orbit chapter, and you can expect to earn between £1,500 and £1,800 (GBP) for running a single course.

You’ll receive online chapter management training and you’ll be supported by Orbit’s team every step of the way.

Starting a chapter grants you access to a global network and gives you the chance to interview billionaire entrepreneurs, leading politicians, and corporate leaders. Most importantly, you’ll be making a significant and lasting impact on the lives of the young people we serve.

Whats involved?

You will receive an email after completing your application to start a chapter. The email will contain links for you to book a time slot for a video conference call with a member of Orbit’s team. 

Our team member will ask you a few questions to ensure that you’re suitable for the role. If your application is accepted, you’ll be enrolled in our online chapter manager training and a member of Orbit’s team will be appointed as your relationship manager.

Your chapter is managed through the portal on Orbit’s website. There, you can review applications, download course materials, contact your Orbiteers, process award applications, track your earnings, and much more.

The core activities of our chapter managers are as follows:

  • Secure a meeting room to host your chapter sessions.
  • Partner with five schools and colleges in your area. 
  • Review applications from prospective Orbiteers and business mentors.
  • Deliver eight chapter sessions to your cohort.
  • Monitor the progress of your chapter from Orbit’s website.

How much will I earn?

You’ll earn between £1,500 and £1,800 for running a course. Chapter managers are paid £60 for every Orbiteer that they have participating in their course.

All of Orbit’s chapters have between 25 and 30 Orbiteers participating at any given time, and with student applications outnumbering spaces available by ten-to-one, you can be assured that your courses will run at full capacity.

Chapter managers can run up to three courses in any given year.

Who we're looking for.

Chapter managers come from all walks of life. Successful chapter managers have vibrant personalities, excellent organisation skills and the ability to deliver captivating presentations and speeches.

Most chapter managers have launched their own businesses in the past but this isn’t a requirement. Some chapter managers have no experience in entrepreneurship however they are deemed to have experience in business, management, accountancy, banking, or law.

The ideal chapter manager meets the following criteria:

  • A natural storyteller.
  • An inspiring speaker and presenter.
  • Has a network with entrepreneurs and business professionals.
  • Is bursting with positive energy.
  • Excellent organisation and time management skills.
  • A clean past with no criminal record (mandatory).

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