Become a mentor.

Pass the baton to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


Business is tough. However with ambition, tenacity and the right advice the chances of success are drastically improved. Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our economies, and our teams of business mentors form the beating heart of our incubators. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, a specialist or an all-round business maverick we want to speak with you. Each of our chapters has a team of ten business mentors that advise, support and inspire the Orbiteers we work with as they begin their entrepreneurial journeys.

Entrepreneurs are responsible for pushing the human race forward through their creativity, drive and tenacity. By becoming a business mentor you’ll be helping us pass the baton to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

What's involved?

Business mentors are responsible for supporting a group of four young entrepreneurs to launch their own businesses. You’ll be working in a team of ten business mentors and will be reporting to the chapter manager in your area.

After completing a training and induction session with your chapter manager you’ll be allocated a group of four Orbiteers to work with. You’ll be required to attend eight chapter meetings – which take place every two weeks – where the mentoring sessions take place.

During these sessions, you’ll meet with each of the Orbiteers individually for twenty minutes and provide them with guidance, advice and encouragement as they start and build their own businesses.

What you'll get.

Who we are looking for.

Enthusiasm. Experience. Networks. Personality. And most importantly: passion.

We’re looking for entrepreneurs and business professionals that are as passionate as we are about supporting the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Our mentoring teams are formed from a diverse melting pot of ages, backgrounds, education levels and industry sectors and we believe that having a diverse mentoring team is one of the main contributors to Orbit’s success. 

Our mentors meet the following criteria:


Apply to join your local chapter’s mentoring team by clicking here. The chapter manager will review your application and will invite you to an interview (usually a telephone interview) within one working week.  If your application is accepted you’ll be sent an email with a link to create your account on Orbit’s website. 

You’ll be required to meet the criteria for Orbit’s child protection policy and our team will conduct security checks.

You’ll be invited to attend a training and induction session hosted by the chapter manager. Along with learning how Orbit’s business incubator course works and what it takes to be a successful mentor, this session will give you the chance to meet your fellow business mentors for the first time. The training session will last for two hours.

Additional training is available on Orbit’s online platform and can be accessed at any time.

You’ll be required to attend eight chapter sessions during your time as a business mentor.

Chapter sessions feature workshops, training exercises, guest speakers and mentoring sessions with your group of Orbiteers. Each session lasts for two hours and they take place every two weeks until the completion of the course.

The dates and times for each session vary from chapter to chapter.