Child Protection Policy.

Our child protection policy was updated in 2020 to coincide with the changes we are making to our operating model. The safety and security of our orbiteers is our highest priority and we have strengthened our child protection policies to ensure that the risk of harm caused to our orbiteers is mitigated as much as possible. This page outlines the updated health, safety, and security policies that are being implemented across all of our chapters.

As of May 2020, we have implemented (and updated our existing policies) on the following:

Health and Safety.

Orbiteers are required to state any medical conditions that they have and any medications they require when they are accepting their place on Orbit’s courses. Chapter managers will make reasonable adjustments and put procedures in place which will be followed should the orbiteer become unwell during an Orbit session.

Code of Conduct.

Upon joining Orbit, chapter managers, business mentors, and orbiteers are required to sign an agreement outlining Orbit’s code of conduct. The code of conduct clearly states what we expect from all parties involved in Orbit’s courses, and anyone found to break our policies will be removed from their activities with Orbit.

Reporting System.

All complaints are now to be passed to Orbit’s central team based in Glasgow for handling. 

All orbiteers, business mentors, chapter managers, school/college partners, and parents can report violations of our code of conduct anonymously to Orbit’s team in Glasgow. Orbiteers, business mentors, school partners, and chapter managers are able to report violations through their accounts on Orbit’s website, and parents/any other party can make reports through the contact us page on our website.

Criminal Record Checks.

Criminal record checks are carried out by Orbit’s central team based in Glasgow on all business mentors and chapter managers. Checks will be carried out on applicants for business mentor and chapter manager positions before they are accepted to join their local Orbit chapter’s team.

VIP Visitor Security.

A key element of Orbit’s business incubator course is having successful entrepreneurs and politicians share their stories and advice with our cohorts of orbiteers. All VIP speakers must be accompanied by the chapter manager at all times during their visit to the Orbit chapter, orbiteers are not permitted to share their contact details with VIP visitors, and at no point should the VIP visitor be left alone with our orbiteers.