The Incubator Programme

Supporting students aged between 16 and 19 to launch their own businesses.

Orbit supports 16-19 year old students to launch their own businesses.

Whether it’s a coffee shop or an artificial intelligence start-up, we help teenagers bring their bright ideas to reality. Our incubator programme supports school and college students to launch their own businesses alongside their academic commitments.

Our Orbiteers choose their own working hours and keep 100% of the money they earn from their businesses, with some Orbiteers netting a five figure income before their eighteenth birthday.  

Through a combination of workshops, expert mentoring, online courses and access to billionaire entrepreneurs and leading politicians, Orbit’s three month incubator programme is the ultimate training experience for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

What's involved?

Three months of expert support to bring your bright idea to reality. Orbit’s incubator programme supports thirty students in each of our chapters to launch their own businesses.

The programme runs from September to December every year and our Orbiteers meet for one evening every two weeks to participate in workshops, mentoring and our VIP life story events with billionaire entrepreneurs and leading politicians.

Programme Structure.

The incubator programme has eight sessions which take place on weekday evenings between 6:00pm and 8:30pm. Each session features a workshop, one-to-one mentoring and a guest speaker. Session dates vary depending on your local chapter – click here for more details.

  • Session One: Programme Induction and Idea Generation.
  • Session Two: Validation and Customer Discovery.
  • Session Three: Product/Service Design and Business Strategy.
  • Session Four: Business Law, Taxation, Insurance and Banking.
  • Session Five: Brands and Branding, Websites and Sales.
  • Session Six: Accounts, Finance and Raising Investment.
  • Session Seven: Business Growth.
  • Session Eight: VIP Life Story and Awards.


To date, our ‘secret sauce’ has supported over 500 students to launch their own businesses. The incubator programme is designed to both nurture entrepreneurial skills and behaviors and equip our Orbiteers with the knowledge and networks that are required to achieve success.

Each Orbiteer will leave the programme with a strong network, a winning mindset, knowledge on how to run a successful business and a profitable venture which they can manage in their own time. 

Featured learning outcomes include:

  • Mindset, attitude and goal setting.
  • The 15 rules of success.
  • The 30 causes of failure.
  • Customer discovery & validation.
  • Business model design.
  • Raising investment.
  • Accounts, KPIs and performance metrics.
  • Organisation structure and business systems.
  • Generating sales and managing customer satisfaction.
  • Building and leading a team.

Apply now.

Bring your bright ideas to reality with Orbit’s support. Join the world’s largest incubator programme for students aged between 16 and 19. 

Further Information.

Our application criteria for students is as follows:

  • The applicant must be aged between 16 and 19 years old.
  • The applicant must show good attendance, a good attitude and reliability in their previous and current commitments.
  • The applicant will live within two hours of travelling time to their chapter’s location.
  • The applicant should have an interest in entrepreneurship, law, accountancy, design or business management.
  • The applicant will be able to give us an assurance that they are committed to launching their business and completing the incubator programme.

We also have an application criteria for schools, chapter managers and business mentors which you can find by clicking on the highlighted links.

The application deadlines for our 2020 programme are as follows: 

  • Thursday 30th April 2020 – Chapter Manager Application Deadline.
  • Friday 14th August 2020 – School Partner Application Deadline.
  • Thursday 20th August 2020 – Business Mentor Application Deadline.
  • Monday 31st August 2020 – Orbiteer Application Deadline.

No. Orbit’s programme takes place in the evenings and therefore it will not clash with academic commitments. As a business owner, you’ll choose your own working hours and you can manage your business alongside your academic commitments. There is no need to leave your school or college to participate in Orbit’s programme.

The average Orbit chapter will have thirty Orbiteers, ten business mentors and fifteen school partners participating in the programme at any given time.

New students join the programme in September every year. Students have three months on the programme and attend chapter sessions every fortnight (chapter sessions take place in the evening) after completing their induction.

The programme begins with an induction session which sees the chapter manager explain the programme to our Orbiteers. All of our Orbiteers will then be given support to find a viable business idea with the support of our mentoring team.

Orbiteers and business mentors gather on one evening every two weeks for a “chapter session” which features workshops, awards, and our “comfort cruncher” exercises. Orbiteers also meet with their business mentors to receive expert advice and counsel during the chapter sessions.

Orbiteers can access our online courses at any point during their time on the programme.

Every Orbiteer will leave the programme with their own business. Each chapter has an alumni network for further support and Orbiteers can continue to access the online platform after completing the programme.

Every Orbiteer that completes the programme will have acquired all the skills, networks and knowledge they need to build their businesses after graduating from Orbit’s incubator programme.

Orbiteers are given a completion award upon completing the programme and a reference from their business mentor which can be added to their CV.

It’s free to participate. All of our chapters are sponsored by local businesses and entrepreneurs.