About this report.

Our 2019 impact report outlines the difference we’ve made to the Orbiteers that we serve. We believe that the only way to truly measure the impact you make is to hear the stories from the people you serve.

Stories speak louder than statistics, and our 2019 impact report shares a snapshot of the work we’ve been doing over the past four years.

This data has been gathered through structured interviews with our Orbiteers, anonymous survey responses, and performance statistics that are analysed by our board of directors.

New businesses have been created with Orbit's support.
Applications we receive for every available space on the programme.
Schools and colleges that have partnered with Orbit.
Students have heard our team deliver workshops in their schools.
Students have seen the posters and booklets we place in schools and colleges.

I launched my business Digital Boost with Orbit's support in 2016. We generated five figure revenues in year one and the business has continued to grow. Orbit was a truly life changing experience.

Luke Arghiros, 17.

Changing how you see the world.

At sixteen years old, Hannah Pierce has launched an online magazine called Communitea which aims to make a difference to how you see the world. With Orbit’s support, Hannah has developed her website, secured £1,000 in seed capital and pitched for £10,000 at the UK’s largest funding competition for young entrepreneurs.

Giving something back.

Andrew Morrison is a mentor at Orbit’s Edinburgh chapter. After building a million-pound company from scratch, Andrew is looking to “give something back” to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and has supported five students through the process of launching their own businesses.

Turning up the volume.

Max Theil joined Orbit’s Glasgow chapter in 2016 at the age of seventeen. His business, MT Audio, specialises in designing and manufacturing prestige speakers and sound systems for both businesses and consumers.

Above all, Orbit gave me confidence and a positive mental attitude.

Louise Marshall, 17.

Thank you.

To the teachers, the parents, the business mentors, the programme managers, the sponsors, the partners, our friends, our Orbiteers and everyone in between. We’d like to thank everyone that has contributed to Orbit’s success since our conception in 2015.