How it works.

Receive four months of expert support to transform your bright idea into a profitable business.

The business incubator course is your ultimate path for entrepreneurial success and contains mentoring, workshops, our exclusive online platform, and access to leading business figures.

Photograph: an orbiteer, Senanu, meets with senior government representatives to discuss her card manufacturing business.

Your step by step guide to entrepreneurial success.

Orbit is the ultimate training experience for students aged from 16 to 19 that are looking to launch their own businesses.

Whether it’s a coffee shop or an eCommerce marketplace, our ‘secret sauce’ has helped hundreds of young people find work that they love, develop business skills and networks, choose their own working hours, and earn money.

Orbiteers run their businesses alongside their academic commitments. We’ll help you find a winning business idea and show you how to structure your part-time business so that it earns you money whilst you’re sleeping!

Whether you decide to launch your business in partnership with your friends or to go it alone, our orbiteers choose their own working hours and keep 100% of the money they earn from their businesses, with some orbiteers netting a six figure income before their eighteenth birthday!

What is a business incubator?

Business incubators gather groups of entrepreneurs and give them support to launch and grow their businesses. In 2015, Orbit became the world’s first business incubator for school students and has since grown to support orbiteers from cities across the world.

Our tried and tested ‘magic recipe’ has helped hundreds of young entrepreneurs start profitable businesses and develop the skills, networks, and mindset they need to succeed in the business world.

Through a combination of exclusive workshops, expert business mentoring, comfort-crunchers, VIP guest speakers, online courses, and training exercises, Orbit’s four month business incubator course is your step by step guide to entrepreneurial success.

The vast majority of our orbiteers are recruited from schools and colleges in each city we operate in, and as an orbiteer you’ll be part of a like-minded group of thirty ambitious young entrepreneurs from schools in your area.

And with chapters in operation across the planet, Orbit provides access to a global network of ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders like no other.

Photograph: self-made billionaire and famous entrepreneur, Sir Tom Hunter, shares his advice for entrepreneurial success with our orbiteers.

Chapter Sessions.

Our chapter sessions take place every two weeks and gather thirty orbiteers and ten business mentors in your area. Each session runs for two hours and thirty minutes and will see you participate in workshops, group brainstorming, mentoring meetings, and our comfort cruncher exercises.

Expert Mentoring.

Work with our team of highly trained business mentors as you start your business. You’ll meet with your business mentor every two weeks where you will receive advice, introductions to valuable contacts, and you’ll be kept accountable for your plans and actions.

VIP Visitors & Events.

Meet, learn from, and have photographs taken with billionaire entrepreneurs and leading politicians. The final chapter session on each course features a VIP visitor sharing their life story and advice for our entrepreneurs. Orbiteers, business mentors and school partners will have the chance to meet each VIP visitor in person!

Orbit Online & Alumni Support.

Access an abundance of online courses and information guides on every topic you need to run your business – from digital marketing to taxation – through your account on Orbit’s platform. After competing the course you’ll have lifetime access to our platform and the perks from our alumni network. 

Networking & Award Shows.

Build your network from scratch and meet influential business owners, investors, and politicians in your area. Compete for awards and receive recognition for your achievements on the global stage during our annual award show. 

Skill Development.

Develop the five skills that are essential for entrepreneurial success. You’ll be making sales calls, preparing financial accounts, and pitching your business to investors. Our practical training exercises are designed to push our orbiteers outside of their comfort zones and make a lasting change to their confidence and self-image.

What you'll gain.

What you'll learn & develop.

Course Content.

This session contains:

  • An induction to the course and the chance for you to meet your business mentor, chapter manager and fellow Orbiteers for the first time.
  • A workshop that covers the principles of entrepreneurship and the mindset of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. 
  • One-to-one mentoring from your business mentor.

Content overview:

Welcome to Orbit! Upon confirming your space on the course you’ll receive an email stating the date, time, and location of your first chapter session.

You’ll gather with thirty Orbiteers that have joined from schools and colleges in your city in the chapter’s meeting room. You’ll also be joined by ten business mentors and the chapter’s management team.

This session will cover an induction to the course, what we expect from our Orbiteers, and how you can make the most of your time on Orbit’s incubator course.

The workshop will explain what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, the thought habits and routines of billionaire entrepreneurs that have contributed to our course, and how to make your business a resounding success.

You’ll meet your business mentor for the first time and you’ll work together to develop a winning business idea, and you’ll get the chance to meet the other Orbiteers in your chapter for the first time.

Session time: two hours and thirty minutes.

This session contains:

  • A workshop covering value propositions, customer discovery, validation, and business models.
  • One-to-one mentoring from your business mentor.
  • A group exercise where you’ll create a pitch for your business.

Content overview:

As our Orbiteers will come to understand, entrepreneurship is a process of trial and error. Each assumption that an entrepreneur makes must be validated through accurate and continuous market research. A business should never stop learning from it’s customers.

Businesses that understand their customers are in the best position to create market leading value propositions for them. We’ll explore how to design a product or service to meet the specific needs of a chosen customer segment.

Good value propositions must be backed by a solid, scalable business model. A business model incorporates the channels of distribution, key resources and activities, revenue streams and the cost base. With the help of their business mentor, Orbiteers will create workable and scalable business models.

Studies have shown that the most successful businesses of all time have focused on the key economic driver of their business, whilst simultaneously ignoring nonessential activities. Orbiteers will be challenged to think about what drives the economics of their businesses? Is it profit per customer visit? Profit per square foot? Or profit per region?

Finally, this chapter session will see you create a pitch for your business. A pitch is a short speech (3 minutes) which describes what your business does and how it makes money. Eventually, you’ll be using your pitch to raise investment and generate sales for your business.

Session time: two hours and thirty minutes.

This session contains:

  • A workshop explaining how you can bring your product or service to market as quickly as possible, how you can develop a winning strategy, and how to set goals and milestones for your business.
  • One-to-one mentoring from your business mentor.
  • A group exercise where you’ll conduct an analysis on five industries in our case study.

Content overview:

Now that you’ve found your target customer, created a business model, and identified the key economic driver of your business, we’ll explore strategy and planning. 

Your mentor will help you create a plan for developing, testing, and introducing your product or service to the market. You’ll learn about the importance of creating a MVP (minimum viable product) and testing it in the market. 

The chapter manager will explain how to complete an industry analysis. You’ll be asked to uncover the five forces that drive competition in your industry. Does the industry have low entry barriers making it easy for new competitors to enter the market? Or is the industry dominated by large businesses that are resistant to change?

We’ll explore competitive strategies that you can apply to give your business an edge. If you are competing in a fragmented industry can it be consolidated through technology or partnerships? Alternatively have you considered differentiating yourself from the competition and creating uncontested market share for your business to enjoy? 

There is a difference between strategy and planning. Goals, milestones and measurables will help transform your strategy into action. You’ll set clear goals for your business and plan the actions that you will need to take to meet your goals.

Session time: two hours and thirty minutes.

This session contains:

  • A workshop explaining your legal responsibilities as a business owner. You’ll learn about tax, banking, and insurance.
  • One-to-one mentoring from your business mentor.
  • A group exercise where you’ll practice delivering your pitch.

Content overview:

In a survey of aspiring entrepreneurs taxation and business law are cited as two of the biggest fears that deter would-be entrepreneurs from launching their businesses. However business law and taxation are relatively easy to understand and manage.

You’ll be shown how to register your business with the government and we’ll explain what your responsibilities are as a business owner. We’ll explore what taxes you’ll have to pay (if any) and explain how businesses submit tax returns to the government.

Most businesses will require insurance. Your business mentor will advise you on what insurance your business will need, how you can get insured, and the pitfalls to avoid when selecting an insurance plan.

Session time: two hours and thirty minutes.

This session contains:

  • A workshop covering brands, website creation and sales funnels.
  • One-to-one mentoring from your business mentor.
  • A group exercise where you’ll practice telesales on real customers.

Content overview:

Brands account for up to 50% of the market value of some of the world’s largest companies. We live in a noisy world and a business must decide on how it wants to be remembered in the minds of consumers.

With branding being so important to the success of a business, why do some brands fail to make the cut? This session will explain everything you need to know to create a strong brand for your business. We’ll look at how you communicate your values to the outside world, how to calculate the value of your brand, and how to leverage your brand to increase your market share.

The workshop will also explore viral marketing, touchpoint marketing, and digital marketing strategies. You’ll devise marketing campaigns for your business to drive sales and increase your return on investment.

You don’t have to be a coder to develop a website. Your chapter manager will explain how you can create a beautiful website for your business modeled off the best of contemporary website designs. You’ll be armed with the know-how to create any website that your business requires; from eCommerce to social media sites, to multi-user platforms to online marketplaces. 

Finally, if you don’t have sales, you don’t have a business. Your business mentor will help you create an automated sales funnel for your business and you’ll also learn the psychology of persuasion. You’ll practice telesales with your fellow Orbiteers and will be armed with strategies to help you overcome the fear of selling.

Session time: two hours and thirty minutes.

This session contains:

  • A workshop covering accounts, finance, financial management, and raising investment.
  • One-to-one mentoring from your business mentor.
  • A group exercise where you’ll analyse a case study of an investment proposal.

Content overview:

An entrepreneur needs to know their numbers.  

Poor cashflow management has been cited as the single biggest cause of business failure. However, most cashflow problems can be solved through careful planning and proper business management. We’ll explain the five causes of cashflow problems, five solutions to cashflow problems, and how you can create accurate cashflow forecasts for your business.

The chapter manager will explain how to create a profit & loss account and a balance sheet. You’ll need these accounts when you’re applying for investment and submitting annual returns.

Your mentor will help you introduce ratio analysis and financial metrics to your business. You’ll understand the importance of liquidity tests and you’ll learn how to track your business’s performance by calculating your return on assets.

Finally, businesses need capital to grow. Some businesses grow organically by reinvesting their capital to expand whereas other businesses require external capital to grow. We’ll explain the types of funding available to startup businesses, the stages of startup investment, and how to secure investment for your business.

Session time: two hours and thirty minutes.

This session contains:

  • A workshop explaining how to lead a team, scale your business and implement systems.
  • One-to-one mentoring from your business mentor.
  • A group exercise designed to develop your leadership skills.

Content overview:

The goal of an entrepreneur is to build a business that can function on it’s own without the input of the business owner. This session will show you how to structure your business so that it earns you money whilst you’re sleeping, how to lead a team, and how to grow your business sustainably. 

There are five strategies for growing your businesses, and your business mentor will help set your business on a growth trajectory. Your growth will be sustainable and we’ll ensure that your business doesn’t fall into the pitfalls that growth presents.

Businesses need people to grow. If you plan on building a team, we’ll show you how to recruit top talent and keep them aligned to your business’s goals. You’ll learn how to be an effective leader of people through our leadership development exercises.

There’s a difference between working in your business to working on your business. Successful entrepreneurs understand that a business needs to run on it’s own two feet without the input of the founder. We’ll explain how you can structure your business so that it earns money whilst you are sleeping through the introduction of routine systems, cue systems, policies, and incentives.

Session time: two hours and thirty minutes.

This session contains:

  • A distinguished guest speaker sharing their story and advice. Our VIP visitors include millionaire & billionaire entrepreneurs and leading politicians.
  • A group discussion between selected Orbiteers and the VIP visitor. 
  • Each Orbiteer and business mentor will be photographed with the VIP visitor.
  • One-to-one mentoring from your business mentor.
  • An award show to celebrate the achievements of Orbiteers in your chapter.

Content overview:

Previous Orbiteers have highlighted the final session on the business incubator course as the most impactful.

Your chapter will be visited by one of the leading entrepreneurs or politicians in your country. Previous speakers have included billionaire entrepreneurs, gold medal winning athletes, and the leaders of countries.

The VIP speaker will share their life story, reflections, and advice with everyone in the chapter. You’ll have the chance to ask questions, have a photograph taken with the VIP, and participate in a group discussion.

The session concludes with an award show where Orbiteers will be given recognition for their achievements throughout their time in the chapter. You’ll also receive a signed certificate for completing the business incubator course and your business mentor will write you a reference. 

Session time: two hours and thirty minutes.

Upon completing the business incubator course, orbiteers will be given the option to enter our alumni group. Our alumni group provides orbiteers with:

  • Hundreds of online courses.
  • Additional mentoring sessions from Orbit’s team of business mentors.
  • Access to our global network of business mentors and orbiteers.
  • Unlimited access to Orbit’s workshops and VIP Life Story events.
Emma, 19.
"I'm glad that I participated!"
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"I joined Orbit when I was seventeen and launched my business PropelExcel; a website development agency. I didn't join Orbit with a clear business idea however with the help of my business mentor, I decided that I would learn how to develop websites and charge businesses for website development. I really enjoyed working with new people, developing my skills, and meeting Lord Haughey OBE (a multi-millionaire entrepreneur) at the VIP Life Story event. Orbit is a fantastic opportunity for young people looking to earn money and learn about business. I'm glad that I participated!"
Dylan, 17.
"A must-have experience for any student that has an interest in entrepreneurship."
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"I joined Orbit in 2017 and I'm still running my business three years later. I couldn't think of a business idea when I joined Orbit so I decided to launch a car valeting business after hearing about the potential profits to be made. The business is called Dirt Busters and we valet cars for commercial and domestic clients. I love being able to choose my own working hours, and I love the fact that I get to keep all of the money that I have earned. Orbit is a must-have experience for any student that has an interest in entrepreneurship."
Luke, 18.
"Life changing."
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"I launched my business, Digital Boost, with Orbit's support in 2016. I didn't have a business idea when I joined the Glasgow chapter, however with the help of my mentor, Hazel, I decided to purchase a video camera and film promotional videos for businesses in Glasgow. I started Digital Boost with less than £100 and my business grew rapidly. I managed my business whilst I continued to study in school. It was almost like having a part-time job, except I chose my own working hours, earned more than my friends in school, and learned much more about life and myself in the process. I went on to pursue a career in videography and I'm now studying in one of the UK's most prestigious Universities.  Orbit was an incredible experience. To sum it all up... life changing."

Further Information.

The business incubator is open to students with a keen interest in entrepreneurship. The four application criterion below are compulsory for all applicants:

  • The applicant must be aged between 16 and 19 years of age.
  • The applicant should stay within two hours (traveling time) of their nearest chapter.
  • The applicant must demonstrate reliability and excellent attendance.
  • The applicant should be able to demonstrate an interest in entrepreneurship.

You can see the application criteria for business mentors by clicking here, and you can see the application criteria for school partners by clicking here.

Start your application by clicking here. There are four simple stages to our application process which have been outlined below:

  1. Find your nearest chapter.
  2. Select an upcoming course on the chapter’s page.
  3. Click apply now on the course page.
  4. You’ll receive an email with the outcome of your application. 

The average Orbit course receives ten applications for every space that we have available, so you’ll have to make your application stand out. We advise that you:

  • Tell us what is motivating you and what your future aspirations are.
  • Provide assurance that you’re committed to completing the course.
  • Demonstrate that you are reliable and conscientious. We want to see evidence that you meet your commitments and that you stand by your decisions. 
  • Display a positive, can-do spirit in your application.

Yes – orbiteers are required to pay £100 (GBP) to participate in the business incubator course. We are a social enterprise and 100% of our income is invested into training materials and the operational costs of our courses.

If you’re application is accepted, you’ll be required to confirm your space on the course and create your account on our website. You can opt to pay the course fees upfront or in monthly installments. You won’t be charged for submitting an application.

Payments are made through our safe and secure payment processing system using either your own (or a parent’s) debit or credit card. We have a 100% money back guarantee in place if you’re not completely satisfied with your time on our course.

There are no charges for school/college partners that participate in our courses. 

Your earnings are dependent on your choice of business idea and the execution of your business plan. We aim to have each business that is launched through the business incubator course generating over £10,000 (GBP) annually, with some orbiteers passing the six-figure milestone (£100,000 GBP). You’ll keep 100% of the money you earn from your business. 

Become a school partner.

Give your students access to the world’s most successful entrepreneurship training course for young people. Over 90% of the orbiteers we work with are recruited from schools and colleges in each city we operate in and we’re looking for more partners to help us achieve our shared vision of supporting young people to develop entrepreneurial skills.

As a school partner you’ll be responsible for bringing Orbit’s business incubator course to students in your school or college. We’ll give you posters, information guides and a copy of our promotional video. Your students will apply online to join their local chapter and we’ll begin sending you regular progress reports on their development.

Don’t let your students miss out on the chance to fulfill their entrepreneurial potential. Sign up today and get started in thirty seconds.

Become a business mentor.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a specialist or an all-round business maverick we want to speak with you. Each of our chapters has a team of ten business mentors that advise, support and inspire the Orbiteers we work with as they begin their entrepreneurial journeys.

Business mentors are responsible for supporting a group of four young entrepreneurs to launch their own businesses. You’ll be required to attend eight chapter meetings – which take place every two weeks – where the mentoring sessions take place.

Entrepreneurs are responsible for pushing the human race forward through their creativity, drive and tenacity. By becoming a business mentor you’ll be helping us pass the baton to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.